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December 05, 2011

Posted By: Charlotte Abrams

It’s gift giving season and food lovers are indeed the easiest to buy for. We believe everyone falls into one of the following categories, or all three: loves eating, loves cooking, or loves boozing. We’ve got something for everyone on your list.

CaliVirgin Extra Virgin Olive Oil
You really can’t go wrong with a really good bottle of extra virgin olive oil. It’s the perfect gift - a practical splurge. This is my favorite domestic brand. It’s amazing. You can literally pour it in a glass and drink it. Literally, not figuratively. calivirgin.com

Peace and Pasta
These foodster oriented T-shirts are a hoot. Yes, I just used the word hoot. The brand was created by the incredibly adorable cooking show host Gabriele Corcos, who also happens to be married to the uber cool Debi Mazar. These shirts are made in California, so buy with pride. peaceandpasta.com

Chocolate Bark  
You can never go wrong with chocolate. And what’s even better than chocolate, is chocolate with stuff in it. Really good stuff, like sea salt and caramel and pretzels and pumpkin seeds and espresso and mint and cornflakes -- are you as excited as I am?! They also have amazing truffles, the Peanut Butter and Jelly is our fave. These delights are made in Sarasota, Florida, but they ship all over the place.   chocolatebarkcompany.com

This thing reads the temperature of stuff, very accurately, and it does it really fast. Is that not exciting to you? It is to anyone who really loves cooking gigantic cuts of expensive meat, playing with sugar, frying stuff, is particularly concerned with foodborne illness, or is just kinda nerdy. Plus it comes in super fun colors. thermoworks.com

Siesta Key Spiced Rum
Helping people get buzzed during the holidays is always a thoughtful gift. Especially when it’s with something delicious enough to reduce down into a syrupy glaze for butternut squash or ribs. Yum! Plus, how cool is a rum made near the number one beach in America? Liquor Locker fills all our needs here in SRQ and they deliver in case you’re too busy (aka drunk) to drive and pick it up yourself. Out of town? Visit drumcircledistilling.com to order.

The Family Meal
This is a collector’s cookbook, a must have. Who cares if not a single recipe is actually made, or if the recipient can even read, this book needs to be in every collection. Ferran Adria is a master chef, pretty much considered the best chef in the world by anyone who has ever eaten his food, and he wrote a cookbook for the home cook. This is a big deal. phaidon.com

Gift Card
Don’t think of this option as boring, think of it as safe and awesome. Lots of people aren’t eating out these days because their budgets simply don’t allow it. Gift cards make it a guilt-free occasion. Always remember to support your local restaurants. A few of our favorite gift cards to receive are Sarasota joints Duval’s New World Cafe, Caragiulos, and Pacific Rim.


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