The Benefits of Winter Soups

November 01, 2012

Posted By: Assunta


The aroma of soups cooking on the stovetop throughout the day already is enough to warm you up inside during those winter months.  As if that wasn't reason enough to pull those stock pots out, we're here to tell you about the amazing health benefits winter soups provide to our bodies.
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Did you know?
Chicken soup contains an amino acid that closely resembles a pharmacological agent called acetylcysteine, often prescribed for bronchitis. It is available under the trade names Mucomyst, Fluimucil and Parvolex. You can also buy acytylcysteine in the health food store as N-Acetylcysteine.
Traditional ingredients in soup like garlic and pepper work as natural decongestants -- they thin out mucous and make breathing easier. Note that on the Body Ecology Diet we do not use black pepper since it is said to be irritating to the gall bladder but we do recommend cayenne pepper.
Tests have shown that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties. (Inflammation has been linked to chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, and heart disease.)
Drinking hot soup and breathing in the steam can decongest the respiratory system.
Soup is a healing and fortifying meal; you can even try it for breakfast!
Whether or not you feel under the weather, soup is an excellent meal during the winter months when your body needs more warming food. Soup is a wonderful hydrator and gives your body much-needed liquid. On top of all that, soup is easy to digest, making it a great way to get valuable nutrients into your diet.
Thank you Body Ecology for this great tid bit of information!  The Three Kitcheneers are excited to share it with our fans!
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