Eat Real at Food Day!!!

October 15, 2012

Posted By: Megan Greenberg

Food Day is coming up and we couldn't be more excited!!  
Well, here, check it out and see what all the fuss is about!
We spoke with our fave farm gal, Shelby King of King Family Farm and Market.  She was elated to tell us about Slow Food of Sarasota and The Edible Schoolyard Fund - both benefitting from this 2nd annual Food Day!  The Edible Schoolyard Fund is a tool that can be used in our local schools to give children the experience of Slow Food - growing food and the importance of making healthy food choices.   She was also thrilled to talk about Alice Waters, pretty much considered the Slow Food guru and who other slow-fooders look to for inspiration.  What is slow food, you ask?  Well, simply stated, it's a culinary philosophy that maintains that cooking should be based on the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients that are produced sustainably and locally.  Alice, who is the owner of the resturante Chez Panisse in California, is a passionate advocate for a food economy that is “good, clean, and fair.”  She is also the Vice President of Slow Food Nation and  the one who got the Edible School Yard started in a middle school in California.  Thus, the tie in between why this Food Day is celebrating Slow Foods and their commitment to The Edible School Yard project.  
To learn more about how this project works in other areas you can visit their WEBSITE!



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