How To Set A Table

October 03, 2012

Posted By: Megan Greenberg


I assume that everyone, even you Gents, have seen Pretty Woman, right?  If you haven’t, please rectify that immediately.  Like, immediately immediately.  

Remember the scene where she goes to the fancy-pants restaurant and isn’t quite sure which fork to use for each dish?  Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I can feel poor Julia’s pain.  I’ve often found myself slightly uncertain of what to do with all the hoopla on the table - I mean, what is one to do with four different drinking glasses?  Did I accidentally sign up for a wine tasting dinner?  
I also have to, without fail, make the ‘b’ and ‘d’ with my fingers to distinguish which is my bread plate and drink and which bread and drink belong to my table neighbors.  Every single time.  Tell me I’m not alone. 
Thanks to our friends at Huffington Post, we have found a very easy infographic that explains the right way to set a table for a formal or informal meal.  Now, I’m slightly perplexed that we need a picture for the informal meal as my definition of informal meals includes ripping a paper towel from the roll and scooting the coffee table closer to the sofa for easier eating.  But, alas, apparently, I’m doing it wrong.  
Although, Huff Post also suggests that you should never have your elbows on the table, don’t blow on your soup, don’t ever say the word ‘bathroom’ during meals, never reach over people for the bread basket, don’t touch chicken with your hands EVER and don’t use your napkin as a handkerchief.  People, I suggest we never eat dinner together as I am, apparently, only one slight notch away from being an embarrassing, Neanderthal dinner companion.  Any of you who have ever held a chicken wing to your lips aren’t too far behind.  And I shudder to think of all my fellow cave dwellers spooning their soup toward, not away, from themselves.  Do they have etiquette lessons here in Sarasota?
So, take a peek at this graphic and let us know if you think this pic hits the nail on the head or if you like to take a different approach to your tablescaping.  
Either way, happy eating!!


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