Being Organized, So Simple

August 23, 2012

Posted By: Assunta Swier

Can we get an “Amen!” up in here people!  For years, I have lived trapped in my own body as the Type A I am.  I’ve only just realized that I was the only thing keeping me from seeing the most obvious and simple solution possible!  DUH!

As a mom, I am so determined to stay in control of everything and everyone...all of the time! I feel that allowing others to help me seems like a sign of weakness.  Why is that?  Do you feel like that sometimes?  And I’m not only talking to you moms, I’m talking to you daddies too.  Let’s face it, raising these children can be hard work. Ok, you’re right, “hard work” is a joke.  It friggin' sucks sometimes and we do need help and that’s just ok!  So, being organized is a must not only for my sanity but for theirs too..not to mention their safety!

I have to give huge kudos to my husband. He suggested we try something new this school year, something to keep us all organized and, of course, keep me calm!  I said, “...keep talking, you’ve got my full attention baby!”
He suggested that we take all of their snacks for the week and portion them out, place them in the appropriate containers/ziplocs and put them in a basket labeled with each child’s name on it.  This not only helped me be certain that I had everything I needed for the week but it also helped me plan my week out and I was able to budget my weekly grocery bill accordingly!  Brilliant hubby, just brilliant!  It still frustrates me that I didn’t come up with this... but I’m working on getting over it!  
A few tips on how to stay organized for the week.
1. Make sure to have enough storage containers on hand.  BPA FREE please!
2. Keep portions small.  Children are more likely to favor things that are small and there’s not waste.
3. Balance their choices with fresh organic fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks.  Like these homemade granola bars and banana muffins.
4. Let the children be a part of the whole process.  Making the list, portioning out their choices and being responsible for their share.  They are more likely to eat their lunch when they have stock in it.
5. Keep things in easy to reach places for the children.
I highly encourage anyone who has trouble managing their time or wanting to stay on track while leading a busy lifestyle to follow this method.  It's easy, simple and an easy way to budget!  Try packing your healthy lunch the night before and take your very own grown-up lunchbox to work!  What's not to love??


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