Brasserie Belge

October 28, 2012

Posted By: Assunta Swier

In Belgium, steamed mussels and fried potatoes (Moules-Frites) go together as naturally as fish and chips in England, and burgers and fries in the States. In my opinion, using the fries to soak up the juicy, sweet, slightly briny mussel sauce is one of the world's best comfort food pairings.


You can find moules frites all over Europe, and certainly in Belgium.  Brasserie Belge is the only authentic place to find this menu item in Sarasota.  They offer 12 different types of preparation on this one Belgian classic. Delivered every morning from Prince Edward Island making them the finest quality you can get.  Owner, Christian Zebier’s  favorite are Roquefort (blue cheese, white wine, cream).  You can pair this great dish with one of their extensive Belgian beer options.  They offer Happy Hour everyday from 5-7pm and nightly specials.


Christian moved to Sarasota nearly two years ago with his wife Sabrina and 3 children from Nivelles, Belgium to start Brasserie Belge.  The concept of “Brasserie” pronounced  (bras·se·rie) is a common one across Europe.  It means high quality food, exceptional service in an unpretentious atmosphere that welcomes the entire family. When I asked Christian what brought him to Sarasota he said, “It was season, but I didn’t know what that meant exactly, I found myself walking up and down Main St. watching all of the people enjoy themselves.  I knew I wanted the space at 1990 Main St. once I saw it and I knew I was going to move my family here” says Christian, the rest was still a mystery at the time.”

He couldn’t resist the smiles people had on their face he assumed from all the sunshine. “Everyone was so happy!”  After searching many different places in the United States to relocate his family, he discovered Sarasota. He loved the feeling he got when he visited the area, especially downtown.


I want the community to not be afraid to try something new.  We are creatures of habit, all of us, so trying new things isn’t always easy.  Once people come to Brasserie Belge, they fall in love.  We have a large following of loyal patrons that have become personal friends over the last year and a half.  It makes coming to work exciting.”  I would have to agree with Christian, once you’ve treated yourself to this extensive and authentic menu, you too will become a loyal patron of Brasserie Belge.


Be sure to sign up to recieve a complimentary crepe dessert at Brasserie Belge and keep up with all of Christian’s new and exciting projects to come. HERE


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